Centre for Research and Community Development

Committed to research-development approach involving local communities not only as beneficiaries but also as full partners the research center works as a bridge between local community’s daily experience and academics. Knowledge sharing takes place at this learning intersection for sustainable partnership. The center provides the university with research and development projects. In turn, UEMI staff (professors, students and others) bring their expertise and technical skills to their implementations. Local communities and other local partners with whom the center works, bring their local knowledge to the success of the programs. In this collaboration, UEMI plays the role of legal and scientific adviser of the center.

Among community programs supervised by the university under the center are: University clinic, primary and secondary schools, adult classes and theology of work training, agricultural and environment programs, and youth summer camp, orphans and vulnerable children’s school fund. The African proverb: "I am because we are" says it all. Through the center, The Mpore Merit Funds is created to help pupils and students in Eben-Ezer family unable to pay their fees. These are mainly orphans, other vulnerable children and girls who demonstrate social needs and who keep their good academic performance.  LaOlam Ministry has been working along with Eben-Ezer University on programs of Children Fund, Youth Summer Camp and Adult Training programs. Planning and development activities are of the University and the communities are also supervised here with the support of the office of the University president.