Faculty of Agriculture, Environment and Community Development

For rural communities, this faculty aims at creating sustainable systems and management of food, water, nutrition and good stewardship of environment.

The faculty is an undergraduate course with various departments and aims to produce and share knowledge from research and community lie-time experience for sustainable rural development. Areas of studies include food production and post-harvest, natural resource (land, water, forest) management. The programs are designed to produce problem-solving graduates equipped with knowledge and tools able to adapt to changing circumstances in the field and can also further their professions and academic researches. Faulty members and students keep close collaboration with local communities, cooperatives, local government and research and academic institutions in order to meet the demands of the society.

Welcome Humphrey Fellow Lazare Sebitereko Rukundwa to the Schar School

The Schar School of Policy and Government is honored to host Lazare Sebitereko Rukundwa, a Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Programrecipient, who will be with the School until June 8, 2018.

The Schar School is Dr. Rukundwa’s last stop after spending time at Cornell University and Penn State University. His intention is to learn best-practices in higher education leadership and administration to replicate in his home country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read more

Ebola threatens to infect Congo's presidential elections, Mason visiting scholar says

Ebola has killed 19 people and infected 39 more in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last month. Despite this being the ninth time the deadly virus has struck the region since it was identified in 1976, the fear is rising again that another devastating outbreak could kill thousands. Read More