Twenty years of Eben-Ezer: commemoration

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Dear family members, brothers, sisters, 

Today September 12 reminds us of an evening of agony, sorrow and disbelief, when it was confirmed that our beloved who took off from  Kavumu airport to Minembwe were no more! It was by God’s grace and spirit that he has taken each one of us to this day. Twenty years later,  their memories are still fresh in our minds, spirits. Their names are called, mentioned and cherished in our homes, churches, places of work and  alike. Their voices as parents, spouses, colleagues, pastors and friends are ever with us in our hearts and thoughts. Their vision and heart for  peace, development will be remembered. 
All this journey of 20 years, Eben-Ezer family has gone through turbulences and difficult life episodes. After the plane accident in September  1997, in October 2010, another tireless team perished in car ambush in Fizi. In July 2017, one of the founding and surviving team members of Eben-Ezer also passed away after short illness as we were preparing the 20th commemoration! This is a journey of sorrow and uncertainty! But we shall not fear to confront these bitter realities. We do not forget all those who have lost their lives in search of peace and development in the course of the recent past. To live is Christ and to leave is a gain for those who have known Jesus Christ. A prayer of 3 days (15-17/9/2017) in their memories is organized at Eben-Ezer University in Minembwe with local churches and also in Uvira. I invite you were you are to join in this prayer. 
I take this opportunity to once again encourage all of us affected by the disappearance of our beloved ones to remain courageous and continue preaching their legacy, until all communities are reached by Good news of hope and salvation, peace and development. Eben-Ezer family continued implementing common vision and mission to educate children. Today thousands of teachers are trained, dozens of schools are built, a university is operational, peacebuilding efforts have been deployed ever since and continue to bear fruits. A clinic is being set forth to contribute to good health of people of Minembwe. 
There is no any other name fit to explain this day other than Eben-Ezer. The Lord has been our help this far. Let us all unite and remember our beloved this day. 
  1. Pastor Tabazi Rugama
  2. Pastor Rumenera sophonie
  3. Pastor Kidogi Daniel
  4. Pastor Rushambara Paul
  5. Pastor Karojo Sunzu Enock
  6. Pastor Ndaruhutse David
  7. Pastor Adrien Gifota
  8. Pastor Ndugu Kigabo
  9. Dr Sema Hurugo
  10. Dr Mugabe Nkomoko
  11. Pastor Bitorwa Jonas
  12. Pastor Muturutsa Esron
  13. Madame Gatako
  14. Madame Suzanne
  15. Mr Noah Garaway
  16. Mr Boaz
  17. Mr Butunira
  18. Mr One Banywesize
  19. Mr Fidele
  20. Mr Nkiriho

            Lazare Rukundwa Sebitereko
      Eben-Ezer University of Minembwe
Humphrey Fellow, Penn State University


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